Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Crumb Quilt Coming Along

I've been making a mess...
As I sewed I also ironed and trimmed. (See said trimmings below.)  I could probably make a dozen of these quilts out of snippets and still have all that stash.

So here are the blocks so far. One block is leftover from a quilt I was making for my oldest son and his wife, but they didn't like it, so I donated it to my favorite quilt charity.  There is a snowball block from my grandson Christopher's quilt, and two paper pieced items (the star, and a lime green tree with a pink background) from a wall hanging I abandoned.

The blocks are all different shapes and sizes.  I really didn't think ahead to how they should go into a quilt. I've just been enjoying the process.

Hope you all are praying for out friend, Debby at Stitchin Therapy. She's been in the hospital, and as I understand, they just figured out what has her hands and feet numb... lack of Vitamin B12. Who would figure that out? Sounds like it is a slow recovery.

Anyway, have a lovely "Hump" day, and enjoy your sewing with Debby in mind.