Friday, June 5, 2015

Been Tripping

We were gone to Superior, Wisconsin for the past week, looking for a new house.... Yes, I'm moving again. Ugh!  It's our old stomping grounds and a place where we could get a really nice bigger home for a price we can afford. Here's the showing on

We made an offer and they have accepted. Now we have to sell this one. It's  a nicer part of town, close to lots of stuff and lower in crime than the area with lots of homes for sale. Ours is a reasonable price. Our Realtor says it should sell quickly. I'm just glad to have a place on the other end, first.

I didn't do any sewing last week.  I started packing the sewing room.  I'm 2 weeks in arrears on my bookcase quilt, but I can't work on it either because there is so much else to do. I've gotta pack out the sewing room and clean up to show buyers the house... and keep it clean for the wannabee buyers. I probably won't be blogging much either, although that activity is less of a mess than quilting. So know that I'm with you all in spirit, love your latest endeavors, but with nothing to show, I'll probably be incognito for a while.