Sunday, August 1, 2010

Grandniece Wedding Quilt

This is my most recent finish.  I made this quilt to look somewhat like my grandniece's wedding invitation.  It was all light blue with an assortment of white butterflies.  I made the bflies all the same, but I quilted them to look different.  I'm glad the photo doesn't show how bulgy it turned out.  I'm so sorry I just am not that good at quilting with my sewing machine.  Gotta have more practice, or send them out to get the treatment.  Anyway, this is how I look when I don't think the camera will take a picture that far down.  And that is my very excellent design wall that my hobby (okay that should be a "u" instead, but it's a more fun spelling this way) made the wall for a Christmas gift 4 or 5 years ago.  It's the gift that keeps on giving.  I've use this gift more than any other, I'd guess. He used foam core and nailed it to the biggest wall in my sewing room. I use pins to attach pieces. I'd like to show you what is on the wall now, but it's top secret... and I'd best get back to it, too.  I don't have that long to finish.  Deadlines!
Did you notice I made some more improvements to the look of this place. Come on back to see what's next.