Thursday, July 10, 2014

I started (again for the third time)!

I chickened out! I was going to free motion quilt on this one, but I just couldn't do it. I tried then I ripped out. I even used the darning foot! Still it looked icky, so I ripped again.

Then I got out the old reliable straight stitching walking foot. (My crutch!) I just needed my walker. We "done" good together before.  I made a few paper patterns to follow so the sequencing between motifs would be similar, and the job would look more professional...
Here's the ZigZag in place. I quilted next to the paper, so I can use the pattern over and over. It worked out great! (If you do this bury the end of the pins... you'll save yourself lots of wounds.)

Sorry this is so blurry. Just showing the end of one pattern piece and having to add the next. (Later I added it as a strip and saved the stop while quilting.)

A superfluous  picture.

Lined up and ready to quilt.
(Sheila from Sew Cook and Travel might recognize these fabrics. They aren't the ones you gave me. I cherish the one you sent me strips to make. These are purchased afterwards and with added stash pieces I made this because I love your color sense and wanted joyful colors for this quilt. )

Zig Zag done (and I actually liked the results - success!) and now a scallop - I would like each line of this (almost) Jelly Roll Quilt to be quilted in different patterns, but I haven't counted the lines yet, and I really haven't a large repertoire of designs. Any suggestions?  I do have a book of designs for anything, but you know that thing is packed since last October, so it's anybody's guess  where it is. (I hate living with all my things in the wrong places.)

Anywho, I'm at the quilting now - soon as I finish this post.