Saturday, February 9, 2013

Photos from Folsom Quilt Show

Sorry I didn't get full quilts.... the quilts were so crowded together that you couldn't stand far enough away.  Sorry, too, that I didn't keep track of who, what where or how... (Also, the camera isn't that accurate with the colors I witnessed.)
First one that I liked.

I took a bunch of separate close-ups of this one (below) for Melanie.  Didn't you make this pattern last year? Thought you'd like to see what someone else did with it.

I really liked the one below, but it seems to me that the colors were much richer.

And I had to have a picture of this one. (I'm entertaining the thought of making one sort of like it.)

So I'm not pushing my luck with the pictures today. I'll ad some to the blog for tomorrow.