Thursday, March 3, 2011

I am a Genius!

Hi Friends,
I have a new concept to share!!!!!  Couple of days ago I was sewing a row of blocks together - lots of seams to match and lots of seam allowances to get into the foot and make a mess... How could I have a better sewing experience?  I used a piece of paper on the top of the seam - lined up with the edge and sewed it into the seam like it was a third piece.  You cannot imagine how much easier the seam went together!.  (Sorry for shouting, but I'm really excited about this.) Not once did the foot catch  or pinch the fabric that would have been sticking up.  And the paper made it easier to go over the pins!   (Sorry for your ears!) You just tear away the paper after sewing, just like you were paper piecing.  It worked great! I did sew slowly, and very smoothly! Try it, you'll like it!!! (Please remember to sew responsibly and  recycle the paper.)

 On another front:
 You can't see the sprout real well on this picture, but on the next there is a nice new sprout.  Two new Mother In Law Tongues... Its like new babies at our house. That tiny light green spec behind the cutting is the sprout.  I know you are saying "How can she get so excited over such a little thing?"  Well, I'll tell you the cuttings were started last summer and took this long to sprout.  I made them up for Halloween.

See the little one?  So pretty!  And outside my dirty windows and through the screen you can see tangerines still on the tree.  Tonnage has been picked, and given away or made into juice.
We finally transplanted the Silk Oak.  It's now out on the lawn in it's new pot. I expect it will do really well this summer. (Behind on the right is my youngest (8 year old) avocado and on the left is a pineapple guava.  Has the most beautiful blossoms.  I'll show pics when they come out.
Oh, and I am further excited that I have a blooming Mother In Law Tongue to show you!  The mother plant has 2 stalks of flowers that are just starting to open.

Above is the whole plant.  It is about 5 ft tall now and I have been growing it for decades, but it is only about 5 years in this pot. I put 2 or three different kinds in the same pot and they filled it in quite quickly.

So that does it for me today.  If I don't get back here before... Have a wonderful weekend!