Thursday, January 12, 2012

You will not believe it!

I love blogging and reading blogs. Yesterday I was knocked off Blogger. I think it was from a comment from a non-blogger who insulted me - said my cardinal was someone else's design - I had to translate it with Bing to know what it said - and the Internet address that was given as the owner's name was a place that didn't exist.

I think she complained when I deleted her comment.

Beware! and back up your files and pictures that are on Blogger.
 I did get Blogger to look into the trouble, and they apologized for taking me off the air.  She must have seen the cardinal (my banner right now) on Pintrest or some Flickr account and thought the owner of the account owned my cardinal.  I spent a day of anxiety, to be sure. What I really can't understand is that one comment could be a death knell. Innocent until proven guilty, and I am not guilty, and Blogger (Google) agrees. (I do forgive her the mistake... not all of us understand in another language, and who in their right mind understands the workings of Pintrest?)
So just some words of advise today. I'll show my PIP that I worked on yesterday for Project Linus, but that will happen tomorrow.
For today, it's just wonderful to be here!!!!!!!!!!!!