Monday, July 30, 2012

Weekend Work

I just loved this design the minute I saw it at  Kristy's blog. She designed it with software... and will allow you to use it to make something to sell, just don't make the pattern to sell.

I love the orange and yellow.  I like how it will look set solid. (For those new to quilting - set solid means that there is no strips between blocks.) I love the orange and yellow - oops, did I already mention that? I'm thinking just reds and oranges for the "veins" and yellow in the  background. What do you think?  I also think this pattern would look great with the veins in a very colorful heavily pattered fabric, and the background in various light - nearly invisible - patterned fabric. Anyway, I did do some sewing this weekend.
Loved opening ceremonies! Cried through the whole thing. (I especially like the parade of nations, but this year the director had the camera trained on the flag bearers, and we saw very little of the costumes. What's the matter with them?  It's a time to celebrate... don't be telling all their dirty little secrets! We get enough of that in the news.  (Oops! on the soap box - Sorry!)

So I am off to work on the I Spy that I have been putting off. I'm not sure I can smoothly install the fixing blocks. When I'm not sure of myself I put it off. Are you like that, too?

Do stop over to see the Grandma' Diamond Wedding Ring quilt... she is making it in soft colors.....a very pretty quilt! (I'm not sure of the name of the quilt, but this is the address to see it.)

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Tetris block #2, blue rainbow block and bird blocks

The top block is my next Tetris block. Another whole row is being saved for the next block. I like it... It looks like Tetris.

This is my blue block for the Rainbow Challenge.

These are birds made from my McCall's Quilting. You may have seen some very like them on the blogs... I have, and while I'm not casting aspersions on the blogger... after all, hers were on her blog way before she could have seen them in the magazine.  It's the magazine that may have stolen the design from our blogger.  You probably know who I'm talking about. Should I tell her that I think a major quilting magazine stole her design, or not?  They are fun to make... (paper pieced - so they are easy). I haven't any plans to make more... who knows.  I'm still working on new grandson 2 B"s quilt.

Thanks for stopping by. I love your comments, but I'm just too lazy to answer them all. Sorry.
Hugs to you all,

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Tetris - block #1

I'm using the 5" blocks. It sure covers alot of territory in a hurry. Top red should have a square in the center, it's that shape... and the orange should have two squares over the orange and white. I didn't know what to do with those shapes, so I'll carry them on to the next block.
Well, now I'm going to the linky party... they are my favorite kind.


Monday, July 16, 2012

Crazy Mail, Plants, Rainbow Challenge & I Spy in works

 Look what came in the mail last week... addressed to me! I'm not at all into hunting. Fishing license it too expensive, and we have no gear.  Who got the idea to send this to me - a woman? LOL


We are doing our Halloween plants a little differently this year - we're digging up the squirrel trees (you might call them volunteers, but in our neighborhood none of these oaks are close enough to drop acorns in our yard... you know who is planting them) and we're planting them in "pots".
They really are beauties.  These are the oaks.

Sweet gums

and these are mostly Mimosa. 
We've got 19 trees so far, but there are many more to dig up and pot. It's going to be mostly trees this year, and some indoor plants. (I have the kitchen window full of avocados at various degrees of sprouting.


Now on to something quilty:

I've been thinking about joining Soscrappy's Rainbow Challenge . I've been hacking around the sewing room looking for a pattern that would be easy and lend itself to the brighter colors. (That day I was lucky on 3 occasions.) found these blocks... leftovers from a quilt I made for Project Linus a long while ago.  I have these and some orange ones done already, too.

Next up: the I Spy for the next grand baby... This is the flimsy. Paper has been removed, and the Hubby found 2 blocks that need repair. (The #1 piece moved on the way to the sewing machine, I guess, and there were 2 holes!!! EEEEEEK and GASP!  I made new blocks, just like the other ones - easier than ripping the old blocks and resewing - now to set them in. It'll be okay. You'll see.

Some close ups...

Oh and I've started to cut blocks for the Tetris game.  Click on the side bar button to learn more about that one. I've got 4 different pinks cut so far.

So that brings me up to date with you all... Thanks for stopping by.  And thanks for writing such entertaining blogs. I love blogging.  It adds alot to my life.


Saturday, July 7, 2012

New Hope on 3 fronts!

So not much going on here in the quilting department. I've made some messes of various items and I'm letting my psyche rest from the disappointment in myself.  You all know what I mean.  I'm working on a set of pot holders... and they are turning out okay, for pot holders, but that's not the HOPE trifecta.

Here are 2  hope stories of the least importance:
You know I love plants, and starting them, especially difficult starts... Last year I got a Ginkgo to start from a pit, that I stumbled across while picking up Elm seeds. Well, it grew nicely, and took well to a transfer to a larger pot, and then dropped it's leaves during the fall.  I knew it would, I was okay with that. But the leaves didn't come back on when the others - out in the wild outdoors did! I was quite disappointed... I was sure it was dead.  It was 2-3 months late, but....
 SEE! I am soooooo pleased! It is back!

And  above, is the only - 1 of 8 - Magnolia's I got to start from a cone picked from my son's front yard. I took the red fruits out of the cone, and planted them. One came up!  That's the way it works. Not all seeds start up. It didn't come up right away either... I watered through the winter and spring, and then one day, mid June, I noticed something already sprouted quite high. It's still getting new growth, too! I think it likes this $1 large drink cup from McDonald's. It gives the new growth some light that isn't the really strong sunlight from that morning sunny window.  (New apricots fry when not covered by at least newspaper in our hot sun, so that may be what is working for this new sprout.)

But Now for the best bit of HOPE...
Chrissy's latest test - she was having some really bad pains in her liver area...
- showed the pain is from a large accumulation of liquid from her surgery, and not cancer!

It doesn't mean that she is cancer free, but that the latest test is a good one, and maybe the chemo is working better this time. Please, keep up the good thoughts and prayers for her. It seems, that with all she is doing, the prayers are helping, too. And I thank you all, my Friends, for that!!!!