Monday, July 30, 2012

Weekend Work

I just loved this design the minute I saw it at  Kristy's blog. She designed it with software... and will allow you to use it to make something to sell, just don't make the pattern to sell.

I love the orange and yellow.  I like how it will look set solid. (For those new to quilting - set solid means that there is no strips between blocks.) I love the orange and yellow - oops, did I already mention that? I'm thinking just reds and oranges for the "veins" and yellow in the  background. What do you think?  I also think this pattern would look great with the veins in a very colorful heavily pattered fabric, and the background in various light - nearly invisible - patterned fabric. Anyway, I did do some sewing this weekend.
Loved opening ceremonies! Cried through the whole thing. (I especially like the parade of nations, but this year the director had the camera trained on the flag bearers, and we saw very little of the costumes. What's the matter with them?  It's a time to celebrate... don't be telling all their dirty little secrets! We get enough of that in the news.  (Oops! on the soap box - Sorry!)

So I am off to work on the I Spy that I have been putting off. I'm not sure I can smoothly install the fixing blocks. When I'm not sure of myself I put it off. Are you like that, too?

Do stop over to see the Grandma' Diamond Wedding Ring quilt... she is making it in soft colors.....a very pretty quilt! (I'm not sure of the name of the quilt, but this is the address to see it.)


  1. Very NICE blocks!!! Love the colors! They look difficult. Ar you going to make a quilt full of them in different colors?
    I put off thinks I'm unsure of, too. If it's a project, I leave it out,look at it often, HOPE I can think of something. May take awhile, but usually I'll think of something. May or may not be GOOD. If I never try something new, I'll never goof up. haha.

  2. Oh I'm loving your blocks! They look so great with the "veins" in the bright colours!

    And I learnt something new! I didn't know what 'set solid' meant - good to know!

  3. I really like the blocks you are making - so much brightness. I had not heard the term "set solid" before - thanks for the info. No matter how long I've been quilting and think there is always something new to learn. I enjoyed the Opening Ceremony too and would have like to have seen more of the costumes.

  4. Lovely blocks. I put things off until I have at least resolved things I am unsure of, on paper. I've started on the GRWE things now I am sure of what I am doing with what at this stage. I will probably pause at the next stage and re-decide what I am doing.

  5. Those blocks are great!! I like the yellow and orange together, so sunny!!

  6. Great blocks! I really like the orange and yellow together too. I agree...loved that block when I saw it the first time too. Your orange veins really make it pop.


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