Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Cross training...

Hello My Pretties...

Since I haven't any cards to show you - I've given them all - I'll show you a piece of Zentangle I've been playing with.

I like it all except the four petal flowers... maybe some spikes on them will improve their look. I especially like the scalloped vein with the dots in a wavy pattern. I like my doodling.  I thought I might - someday - use a doodle to design a quilt.  I've seen some that have the curves in them.  I have instructions on how to... just not the courage, I guess.  I've decided the quilt du jour is going as a Project Linus quilt or two.  I'm not enjoying the making of it for the previous purpose.  I enjoy the making more if it's for charity.  Quilts tend to turn out better when they're going to be for a charitable cause.  The previous purpose can be better accomplished by come purchased item - shopping time and effort only. 
Well, I guess I'll get back to it.  I had a really clever post made up earlier, but had to edit and finally delete it cause I couldn't get the text to stop wrapping around the "picture".  It didn't show up in the input section... only once I published it.  (Hope it works out this time.)
Promise to get some cards on here soon.  Maybe a tutorial or something.  Anything you'd like to see?
Love you,