Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Still no furniture!!!!

Hi Friends,
We're in a hotel here in Vancouver, WA waiting for our furniture to arrive. Not even a chair to use at the sewing machine!!! But the sewing machine is here. I wouldn't trust a moving company to care enough about it... or not to steal it. (Lots of that kind of thing happens in CA. Sure it's insured with them, but you won't get back the antique model you had, and mine was my Mom's and then my Sis had it for years. It's too special to me.) Did a little sewing by hand on the Love Ring... latest blocks without benefit of ironing...

They look good on the duvet.
I have tried to reply to some of your comments, but the computer won't put your email address into my compose screen. They updated something and changed everything about the email. (Why do they do that, just as you are getting used to the previous update?)  Just exasperating! I don't know any way to get it fixed. Just know I appreciate all your love and comments.
Hope you all are somewhere warm and your lights are on! We are okay here.