Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Monster Done

Here he is:

Fierce isn't he?  I'm quite pleased that the directional "fur" turned out, but I did make some mistakes. I cut the seam allowance off of the right side of the "eye" part and had to add a piece, which you can't see, but I can. Then I put in extra teeth on that side, as well. That won't get changed. It's a mistake way into the piece, and I probably won't fix it. I'll make another - after some time passes - and I'll lighten his eyes on it, too.  I do like the yellow teeth, after all, monster books don't brush. (That little neck at the bottom is seam allowance.)
Yesterday I was challenged to make a basket... That's the next thing to sew.
See you soon.


  1. That's one fearsome monster book! Great job Terri.

  2. Maybe I shouldn't have looked at the monster this late at night. He might give me nightmares. He turned out great (we are always our own worst critics).

  3. Wow monster block. What's an extra tooth. The better to eat you with. haha.
    Banner fan/palm blocks looking great. I see the spot for the orange ones now.
    I'm making some some basket blocks today, too. The fabrics are cut and ready to sew them together : )


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