Tuesday, July 15, 2014

It's not very pretty...

Here's my vessel for the Piggy Bank Challenge at Val's Quilting Studio.

Some of my favorite orange fabrics surrounding a nut tin Costco size. (Being I am trying to sell my house, and all my prettier things are packed since last October, I'm lucky to find anything for this challenge. I felt it would be goofy to buy some bank to do the job, when we're trying to save money. So this is it.


I cut a large sized hole so I can fit bills - although I hope not to use them. I will have to hide or take the bank with me when our house is being shown. In this area visitors like to take things - even little things as souvenirs. I've hidden my little owl that usually sits on my sewing machine. Wouldn't want to lose him.
Even though right now it isn't Wednesday I want to wish you all a Happy Hump Day, especially if you have to work tomorrow.
Happy Birthday to my Rachael. Love you, Honey!


  1. Such a cute idea. Sorry to hear that you have dodgy viewers. When we tried to sell here we'd go to the huge effort to clean and clear the place for a viewing only to find that the people lived close by and were just looking for nosiness sake or to get decorating ideas. Such an insulting waste of our time. Good luck finding the right buyer!

  2. I've been vacillating over the Piggy Bank challenge but when I got a hunk of change in my wallet yesterday I decided to go for it! Your bank is adorable and very cheerful. So have you decided what you would like to do with your money from the Challenge?

  3. Love your "bank" Terri. More disappointed to hear about the souvenir pickers. SAD FACE.

  4. Visitors with sticky fingers are no fun. Great crafty bank idea! I do change in banks for grands birthdays and graduations, so I won't be playing along as I'm currently working on two little piggies.

  5. I think your money tin is lovely. It fits the brief of saving money and it's still pretty! Great job and good luck with the challenge!

    Thursday here now and tomorrow is my day off so Im almost doing the happy dance.

  6. Nothing says you have to use the same container all year if you find something else later.

    I've never heard of people who view homes taking things. I thought that was why you had the Realtor showing the house, they were supposed to be sure people just looked. Good luck with the showings, hope it sells soon.

  7. It is scandalous that people take things when viewing the house!! I love the bright orange that you have used to make your container pretty.

  8. I like that you are the new 40 me too. Very nice orange container.

  9. I save $$ in my teapots. My family knows to check my teapots for $$ if something ever happens to me. I'll be raiding some of my teapot cash this weekend, for a new (to me) sewing table.

  10. thanks for your visit. Nice blog. hugs

  11. Can't believe tht house viewers would steal your belongings.


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