Monday, July 14, 2014

More 'Matoes

Strictly speaking it's not a design wall, more of a cork bulletin board...

I made more tomatoes....

Did I show you the best summer purse of all time? Love this one. It goes with anything.

Felt like a little retail therapy today. Here's what I bought - 1/2 yard pieces for my stash. (Stash eats well.)
So go and sew, and have a wonderful week.


  1. Your Summer bag is gorgeous Terri. I love colourful hold alls.

    You seem to be getting over run with those beautiful tomatoes.

  2. Your 'maters are looking yummy! Love those reds, including the new one for your stash.

  3. Oh my. Look at those maters! Coooool purse. Good additions to stash, especially the fun green print. That looks like something I would pick out : )

  4. Love the green circle fabric- I would've bought that one too! :-) Not sure what for but! LOL The purse is super cute. I am still using my Spring one with cherry blossom on. I ought to make a Summer one one day. Oh wow your tomatoes! What a fun quilt that will be. Does it have a sashing with a runner bean fabric so you can call it your Garden Quilt?

  5. I think I just bought that same the green circles! You tomato garden is growing beautifully!

  6. What a cute little block. I don't think I've seen the tomatoes before.

  7. Your garden is producing at a ridiculous pace! I only have one tomato on my tomato bush! Great bag! I had a crocheted bag in the seventies that I absolutely loved also. Fabric therapy is always a good idea...I like the roses in neutral colors.


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