Saturday, January 11, 2014

Paper Piecing Without Removing Paper!!!

Again another paper piecing tip - I could have tried, would have used... (insert title here).

Go over to Cose que te Cose. It is in a foreign language, but I've copied the address with the translator in it, so it should translate for you. (It did work that way when I tested the link.)  (It's a bit hard to read the translation - different languages are set up in different ways)  Don't worry about the thing that says it can't be found - just scroll down and it's there.

She made this wonderful Poinsettia flower and sewed it together as a paper pieced pattern, but didn't sew through the paper; she sewed next to the folded paper pieces!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 I am super excited to try this method. I still have to work the Kisses quilt, and the paper piecing is all done, so I can't try it right now, but if you do, please let me know how you liked it.



  1. Very cool! I'll make sure and watch how it comes out for get to be the guinea pig!

  2. We tried something like that in a quilting group I used to belong to -- worked great!

  3. I've seen this method before, but, I tend to lose where I am, since I'm usually chain piecing several different parts at once, and I'd get lost. Pretty poinsettia block she did.

  4. I had never seen it this way before. Thanks for sharing.


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