Friday, May 31, 2013

On the Wall and a Tip

Jazzy Snowballs ready to sew. Actually this is from the weekend. I do have the rows all done and about half of them sewn together, too. But this is the picture of the arrangement. 

(shown sideways - left bottom is left top, and needs to be turned right sides out... Hubby helped.)

Sorry about the resolution on this photo, but it just shows that I pin a seam for each block in a row and then take the row to the sewing machine. (Last week someone I follow used the stacking method to get things off the wall, and that would drive me crazy.) Until I figured out to pin them in place - just roughly - I got into all kinds of trouble stacking. Once I get to the machine I take out the pin and align the pieces so they are matching and right sides together... then I know where to sew.
Shows my pinned row almost off the wall. (The second last row.)
Sew I hope you have a wonderful weekend (sewing).


  1. Terri, this quilt is amazing--I really like the triangles of B&W that set off the bright colors--great choice! Have a great weekend julierose

  2. This quilt is beautiful! Good method to keep up with block order.
    I use little round stick dots with a letter and a number on each one. A letter for the row with a number for the place in the row. Not my idea. Saw it somewhere on the internet.
    Thought about how you are going to quilt it?
    Have a good weekend :D

    1. Great idea! Sticky dots. Whoda' thunk it? I use a system like yours, but I just have numbers written on squares and pin them to the blocks. I like your method much, much better!

  3. ooohhh! such pretty colors. It really gives a lot to look at! love it!

    -Kelly @ My Quilt Infatuation

  4. Your snowball is looking better and better as you go along! It is going to be a vibrant quilt. If you put your name on the back "Terri", then it belongs to me! I'll give you my address and expect in the mail soon! (I live in a fantasy world). Job well done and you're ready for the Happy Dance!

  5. I love snowballs and yours are awesome.

  6. I love your snowballs, Terri, so happy and bright! The black and white alternating corner triangles set them really nicely off!
    I stack my blocks from the wall to the machine and stitch a few coloumns at a time. Most of the times that works very well, but I have used markers on occations - simple post it note or safety pins with "flags" made from tape or fabric scraps with fusible on the back. The taped ones cannot be ironed, but the fabric ones can. Otherwise I use pins to mark the column numbers, one pin for No 1, 2 for No 2 etc.
    Have a wonderful weekend!!

  7. I really love this quilt layout. I'm sure I'd be smiling every time I looked at it. And as for laying under it when its finished well that would just be bliss.


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