Wednesday, April 29, 2015

May is Coming Soon

Just reading through the blogs I follow, and noticed that Angela has chosen (very wisely, I'd say) green for the Month of May for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge. May is meant for green - the birthstone is Emerald! Plus this is the month the grass grows and grows, isn't it? Anyway I did my scientific study of the color, and here are the results...

 My crayon box is the authority in this scientific study, as usual. This time I found 9 - count them - 9 green colors. They are listed below.

That is green at the top, followed by asparagus, olive, forest green, sea green, Granny Smith apple (my favorite) Spring green (the only one capitalized by Crayola) yellow green and the controversially named green yellow.
I discovered that there is very little difference between Spring green and green yellow.... Why have two so close in color? Another quandary: Why is yellow green greener than green yellow? When I read the ingredients on my groceries I'm to believe that the first listed ingredient is the most of the product. So I think yellow green should be more yellow, and green yellow should be greener... Are you with me on this very important question?  LOL
Anyway, now I've got the idea what to use for my butterflies. I should just go to the green bin and choose some fabrics. Lots easier.

And another thing...

The goldfinches have turned golden.  See two of them on the bird feeder stand?  There were lots of pictures taken to catch them... I deleted all the pictures without them. They are quick, or camera shy.

 (Also, look quickly... the sun is shining! In WA? What an anomaly). (I guess Ma Nature heard my thinking here.... As I am reading through this I noticed the sun has left the building. Sun is camera shy, too.)

I did start quilting on the Good Night Irene last night.... Two lines... one this way and one that way. Nothing to show, but I'm liking the looks so far.

So enjoy your green scraps, and I'll see you on Saturday at soscrappy for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge.



  1. I like your color analysis......monochromatic always messes me up! Yay for the sun and the goldfinches!

  2. Im with you Terri . And another thing I'm always intrigued by is the range of colours within a colour. Who knew there were so many variations of green!

  3. Was sooooo happy to hear GREEN is the color for May. I had pulled some green yarn and started a green dishcloth, hopeful Angela would chose green. BTW. I find your scientific, crayon box generated color study, most helpful. I'm ready to play with some green scraps!

  4. I'm so happy it's green. It's my favorite color!!

  5. This is so very pretty! lovely colors :)

  6. You caught me on the photo of the crayolas....grin. When I was 6 in St. John's Newfoundland my Grandma sent me a carton of Crayolas. At 68 I can still smell them coming out of the box. I collected them for years, but on our last move they got too hot.

  7. Love your crayon expose'! But, being an old f**t, Crayola's system still works for me, meaning I've gotta go with the old-fashioned adjective-before-noun phrase. Just imagine 'ish' tacked onto the first color word...yellowish green, greenish yellow, etc....and then it all works. And oh, I SO remember a new box of crayons being one of the best things about the new school year. Decades later, when my kids had a big Tupperware container full of them, they got really nasty-smelling. Ick! Maybe they shouldn't be kept in plastic.

    Wow, you're getting your goldfinches WAY before we do! Our coneflowers have to get going before they'll show up here.



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