Tuesday, May 7, 2013

An Evening Project & Easter Cactus Blooms

Hello Dear Friends,
Good to see you.  I always like company! Would you like a cuppa? I'm having Echinacea Complete Care by Celestial Seasonings... one of my favorite teas.

I've started a hand sewing project for the evenings. (Keeping my hands busy while watching TV with the Hubby helps me to stay awake, and I've noticed my hands don't swell so badly if I keep them moving in the evening.) Here are the pictures...

 Yup! It's hexies! One of the quilts on my QBL (Quilting Bucket List) is a Grandmother's Flower Garden. My Grandma made one for each of her grandkids. Mine was a gift at my wedding shower along with another quilt. (I'll show it off one of these days.)  I thought I could make one for my grands, too. This one is pink flowers with yellow centers and greens all around. On the right is the first cutting, and sewing, below the second set.
Here's the first flower done.
I know it takes a long time.  I should have started these when they were babies.  I have 8 grands... I wonder if I can stay interested in this process for 8 quilts. Luckily Mason, #8, is only 8 months old.

 And this is my Easter Cactus - finally it's blooming.  I guess with Easter coming so early it got confused.
Hope all is well at your house. Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Your first hexie flower is very pretty! I do hexies while watching tv also...
    I just repotted my Christmas cacti (I buy one every holiday season and then put them all together)into a larger pot --I found a tulip bulb forcing pot that is not too deep and is wide enough to hold them...have fun with your hexagons...Julierose

  2. Doing hexies is actually very relaxing. Im not sure I could do 8 quilts though!

    I just started a couple of projects I can do in front of the TV too. It seems with our cooler weather Im getting more and more reluctant to head on down to the sewing room at night.

  3. What sweet hexies. Sometimes I feel like your cactus blooms. Unable to keep up with time. haha.

  4. I like the sweet colored fabrics you're using for your hexes.


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