Friday, May 10, 2013

Me too, I finished a 3rd!

It's not really a competition, but Sophie and I are both making hexie based projects, and we are both on our 3rd unit. She is making stars and I am making flowers for Grandmother's Flower Garden...(I am a Grandma, so it's okay.)
Go to her blog (where it says Sophie) to see hers.
Here are my three...
And since she was brave enough to show the backs of hers...

She shared some tips...  I've been pinning my folds first. Seems better that way, and the sides come out more even.  She is using paper, and I am using some heat proof  templates that I bought from JoAnn's. Even though they are quite stiff they pop out easily. (Notice I'm not being very neat about the seam allowances.

And on another note: The Easter Cactus just started blooming.  I like this one I got from a friend in the mid 70s. (Yes girls, I am that old.)
Have a wonderful weekend!!!!!!!


  1. Hexagrams are addicting. And I loved having a project to watch TV by when I was making mine. I've gotten bitten by the knitting bug, so my project is stalled a bit, but I'll get back to it.

    Love the colors of your garden.

  2. Great progress Terri. I think paper piecing takes a lot of patience so you have my admiration. I have been looking at crochet hexagons but things will have to wait until I have made some baby things for my daughter's friend.

  3. Hexies really are addictive - I like to make them when we go out on the boat - easy to carry and simple to make! One of these days, I'll make something with them besides pincushions....

    Whoop whoop for you!!

  4. Cute little hexies flowers! Nice going, Terri.
    Your Easter cactus is showing off :D

  5. The lady who taught me (and my little guild) how to make hexies, uses squares instead of cutting the fabric into hexie shapes. So far it's working fine.


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