Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

Now I can show you the carrots I learned to make from reading blogs, and made some innovations to them. But first the picture! (Added later: the link for the pattern is
without my innovation.)

(Each has 3 different colored "leaves" on top. But that''s not the innovative part.)

Mine are lumpy - just like the ones I grow in my garden. These are filled with Jelly Bellies (tiny jelly beans) and foil wrapped chocolate eggs - thus the lumpiness.  I made them the same way everybody else did, but when making the pattern I put a larger top on the orange parts so I could make a draw string tube. (You can see the orange strings on the ones on the left.) They close up and reopen .  Now they are reusable.  That's the innovation.
(You can probably find them in the archives of  One Pretty Thing.)
Love to you all,


  1. Love the idea of lumpy carrots. I made some of the unlumpy ones but I love yours too!

  2. They were quite tasty little carrots too! Love you!

  3. We loved our carrots. Lots of goodness filled inside and out of them. Thank you! Love, The Johnsons

  4. The carrots are so cute - what a fun idea to fill them w/ jelly beans. :) -Sara

  5. What a cute idea for Easter candy. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Cuteness-I have seen the ones like this that people make with nylon net or tulle. But I love yours with fabric!

  7. Terri...for some reason this post cracked me up! I have no idea why...your carrots are adorable!


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