Monday, April 15, 2013

Still no quilting....

I thought some Springy pictures might give you white blanketed folks some HOPE.

Joseph Coat roses in our front garden.

 CA poppies in a neighbor's side yard.
Above and below - Lupine in a vacant lot in the "Industrial Park" in Folsom, CA.

I call this one "Green Grass with a Goose".

Some pink flowering bushes near the highway. 

And this is a tulip tree... See if you can find the tulips. Hint: they are yellow and light green with orange centers.
So again, no sew. I just hope these Spring flowers will give you some color in your all white environs.


  1. Thanks Terri. Winter has lingered a month longer than normal this year in the UK. Yesterday we finally had 17c instead of 10c so it felt tropical when we walked the hounds, late afternoon. I have a soft spot for lupins- such an easy seed to grow from. I had a little cottage garden patch once where I grew blue and purple delphiniums at the back, then lupins and lavender. Pretty.

  2. Isn't it just a wonderful time of year? I live north of the San Francisco Bay area. I just saw my first lupine the other day. I nearly jammed on my brakes to take a picture.

    My marguerites are full of blossoms!

    Thanks for the lovely pictures!

  3. Yay Spring!!! It's around here somewhere - I just know it!!!

  4. I love spring. Beautiful pictures, Terri. Love the goose : )


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