Saturday, August 21, 2010

over 200!

Hi again,
So we were sitting on the back patio and enjoying a day that didn't even get to 80!!!! in August??? unheard of!  Anyway he starts to count up the Halloween plants... Just counting ones that actually have green shoots (not the ones where a seed was planted and has not yet germinated) there are over 200 - if you count the ones in the house, too.  We usually get close to 200 trick or treaters, so I should be done.  Oh dear... that is just too final.  I have lots of plants I want to make cuttings of yet, and decided I now know why the cherries, etc aren't germinating, so I've hatched a plan to put a few into the refrig for a few days to see if that'll help.  Picked some day lily seeds today, and planted them into yogurt cups.  I tell you it's alot of work, and I love it!  How can I stop now?  I guess I'm one of those obsessive personalities.
We had lunch at Costco and then shopped.  Got a few of those lids from boxes that will be really nice for the little plants to be conveyed to the garage.
Here is a bit from the past - one of my UFOs.  It is almost sewn together, but not in this picture.  It is only 8+years old.  9 patches in orange, yellow and red.  That'd wake you up, wouldn't it?  Again I'm having trouble getting it to go extra large.  Do you see a blue shadow around the picture?  I think that is where the image should be.

So that's all today.  Have a great weekend.  :~)

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  1. Isn't this weather just too strange? And in the middle of "summer"!!

    I started the new job this week!! Thought of you as I planned my clasroom decor. We had to pick a theme for the class- mine is "The Secret Garden". I plan on placing small plants in the windows to give it a more realistic feel. :) So far the decor is sparse! Hopefully I will have it done by Open House.

    Love ya!!


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