Thursday, March 17, 2011

Not my Grandpa!

Okay, this one is more personal.  To all my Grandkids, and you know who you are.  This is YOUR Grandpa on St. Paddy's Day wearing green - he's not Irish, by the way.

See the green he is displaying?  It's a fabric strip out of one of my scrap bags and it is taped to his wrist.  Not my idea... So if your Mom says you are crazy.......

Love you,


  1. That's one way to use up green strips from your stash :D

  2. Hia Terri, happy St Patrick's Day belatedly. Thanks for visiting my new blog. It's not up to date as i had a deadline to meet 1st. I am still sharing stuf from mid Feb! Portsmouth boats next as soon as I have done some sewing to share. Life as normal as soon as I get back from Holland next week.


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