Sunday, April 3, 2011

Welcome new follower!

I'm always surprised when I get another new follower!  Thanks for the vote of confidence you all have shown me.  I'm really surprised nobody has struck me off their list yet, especially after the previous post.  I just had to do something for April Fools Day.
On the quilting subject, I have the little flowers basted, and will quilt tomorrow.  Best to have the best eye-sight to do that.  I'm thinking that I'll just follow along the edge of the petals and use white, so it'll look like the petals are frilly? maybe, and then straight stitch around each of the "piano keys". I would really like to just let loose and try free motion, but even on charity quilts I like to do my best. I've gotta practice first, and I just don't want to waste fabric for a practice.  Anyone else have that problem?
Until next time,


  1. I made up a large practice square out of some manky old fabric (calico I think ) and some old felt . Works a treat!

  2. I practiced free motion quilting on a pot holder first, then a hot pad. Both turned out pretty so I quilted a Winny the Pooh panel with Winny the Pooh fabric backing and Warm and Natural batting for Project Linus. Used basting spray. Took my time. When I finished the binding, I washed and dried it in the dryer. Looked good. I'm still practicing and learning on small quilts.


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