Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Name tags

Hi Friends,

Yesterday we spent the day finishing and shipping all the Christmas gifts and cards. Whew! All will be to their recipients before the 24th, so good job!

Here is one of the things we made... Yes, I said we.  He was roped into it, and I think he enjoyed it, too.

We stamped with a brown ink using our thumb prints, then drew on some reindeer horns. The noses are sticky "jewels" and eyes are sticky  wiggly eyes - Voila!

An out of focus (sorry) close up. I think the grandkids will love them. The eyes move, and so it could be a game to make them look as funny as possible.  If you do this - don't do like I did... write the recipients name on the back first! It'll be easier that way.

Sew I'm back to sewing - I have another gift project in mind, but it's not for a birthday or Christmas.  I'll show it when it's been received.

Hugs & Happy Christmas,


  1. They are so CUTE! Aren't you two crafty this Christmas :D

  2. Oh they did make me giggle. I nearly snorted my drink though when you said about writing on the back 1st. Oh la that is so me! Obvious when you think about it but when you have a production line going and you're all fingers and thumbs with the little sticky-on bits (half on your own face) then you don't think like that.


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