Monday, December 26, 2011

The Quilter's Gift

Just a quick note for today I start restocking the kitchen.... not just food, but all of everything that has been lying around the house for nearly 2 months... wash it all and put down paper on the shelves. Ugh! Not my favorite kind of work.

Here's what I wanted to show you, one of my Christmas Gifts.  A Jelly Roll.  It's called Slices by Creative Cuts and the back says it's the Exotic Batik Slices.... here are 2 pic of it unrolled.
in all it's yummy but noncaloric goodness!

See the two hearts on the center fabric? I figure that is she and me... my daughter that sent this gift. Thank you, Chrissy!  I love it!



  1. very nice! I need to take care of my kitchen too.

  2. So glad to hear your kitchen is finished!
    Your Batik Jelly Roll is lovely! Love those bright, bold colors!

  3. Beautiful bold colours- fantastic- make a celebratory something from it! Wonderful that you have a kitchen again and aren't "camped out" in your home. Happy New Year!

  4. This would be perfect for the Planet Patchwork mystery on New Years need a jelly roll and a bit of other yardage to add in.

  5. Dal più profondo del mio cuore vi auguro sempre coraggio,
    tranquillità, salute, benessere, prosperità
    e tanti ma tanti sogni,
    perché essi sono lo specchio,
    di tutto quello che pensiamo,
    desideriamo e amiamo.
    Buon Anno.


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