Friday, February 17, 2012

Just a quickie...

No pictures! This is just a request that you look at this link to see the quilt that has been stolen, and maybe help find it.
If we all try....

In other news, I deleted some nice comments because they had a weird "link" at the end of them. Have any of you seen a comment with a "code enforcer" at the end? It scared me, so I deleted them all.  The commenter had no e-mail address listed, so I couldn't ask about it.



  1. I saw a picture of the beautiful quilt that was stolen. Terrible. I hope she insured it when she sent it. But what kind of price could you put on something like a hand pieced quilt, an original.
    I'm not familiar with the comments you are describing. Probably best to go ahead and delete them.

  2. Those comments are usually viruses. Delete them pronto!!

    Anyway - I have given you a Liebster award for your blog!! Stop by mine for details!! :)


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