Saturday, September 8, 2012

Quilt Show today!

We went to the Gold Bug Quilters' Guild Quilt Show today... here are the ones I liked.

She said this was made with leftovers from a bigger quilt.

This one was 3-D.  Below is a close up.

The shadows were not 3-D - so pretty and amazing. Each of the leaves are pieced, too. It's all made from jelly rolls.

I liked the snowman face on tan fabric... remember:  don't eat the yellow snow!

I gotta try some of this! (No, I wasn't tipsy - it's the way it was hung.)

This one reminded me of the Houseelf.  Wouldn't this be the Bride of your Forestman?

Such pretty colors!

The camera did not do justice to this one. I liked the way the border was done, and the Christmassy colors. The centers of the blocks are a paisley print. The rest is greens.

I guess Christmas is coming... I liked this one, too, but then red is my favorite color.

This pic is a detail of the quilting on the next picture. That whole panel in beige is quilted from the sky down to reeds and water...

Think richer deeper forest kinds of colors. I think I need a better camera.
Aren't these cute? I think it was a challenge, cause there were a dozen or so.
I did get 3 new batiks... I guess I was drooling, so my hubby encouraged me to pick out a few pieces... He's an enabler.  I think he was so happy to get into the show for free.
Sew that was the excitement here today.
Thanks to all that stopped by and left me some cheer. I appreciate the prayers for my daughter. We need a miracle there.


  1. Terri, looks like you had fun at the quilt show. Can you tell me more about the one that you said you were not tipsy, it was just hung that way. I love those quarter circles. how were they sewn down? very unusual and very creative. I NEED to know more about it please!!

  2. Nice quilt show. Two grand daughters and went to a small local quilt show, too. Though we didn't take pictures, we bought a little fabric.

  3. Thank you for sharing the quilt show. Yes I think the dryad would be the perfect friend for my Old Man of the Forest made by Linda Moss. Like you I like the inter-twinned border.

    Good thoughts coming your family's way.

  4. All so clever, I think I liked the Autumn one best.


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