Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Sign, Genius Mister, Pumpkin Makin, Binkie Minders

I took alot of pictures....

Taken a couple of days ago... I'm so excited. I love Halloween!

One of my genius ideas... In preface, let me tell you how hot and dry our summer is, and even though the temperatures are milder now, (in the 80s) we are still bone dry. (Don't worry. It is normal for here.) So this mist not only waters my roses - or where ever I put it - it attracts butterflies, birds, including the little hummer, and the bees love it, too.  Know what it is?
It's just my hose with the sprayer attached and hooked to my rain gutter. It sprays a fine mist, and it comes with it's very own rainbow!

Below is the only sewing I've done all week. I wanted to make something to put on a t-shirt for Halloween.  This will be it. Pattern is free from Artisania - the blog. The artist is Sonja Callaghan. You can find the pattern at Sewhooked / free patterns. (Only free to use for personal use - It is a jack -o-lantern, but I didn't do the eyes, etc.) 2 more seams to finish.

Okay, Guess! What is the crazy old granny making now?

Binkie Minders - saw them a while ago on "One Pretty Thing" and since my new Grandboy is having troubles keeping his away from his Doggie Sister and Doggie Brother. (Well, you know the rules... if it's on the floor it belongs to the dog.)  It's alot of work for a 1 month old to keep track of the thing...
so Grammy to the rescue! (Sending these tomorrow, Sarah :-)

This is the first block of the next project - already in progress - before the last project is finished, of course. I work better when I've got 2 or 6 in the works. So keep watching to see what it is.
Thanks for stopping by. I love comments, but I haven't been answering them lately. Sorry! I spend alot of time on this computer, and am not getting much time sewing.  If you have a question I'll get back to you...


  1. Those minders are absolutely the neatest idea. And they are adorable too!

  2. Love the binkie minders. What a great idea.

    Im also liking the idea of your automatic watering system, but here in Australia we are still on watering restrictions so I'll have to wait for those to lift before I can give that a go!

    1. Hi Shay,
      The mister works in a tree, too. We have one going in the front garden, and this one in the back. On really hot days we have big birds spending time in our yard, keeping cool in the shade and some birds use it as a shower.
      Thanks for stopping by!

  3. I was going to guess suspenders until I scrolled down and saw the binkie minders :) great idea, I remember having to travel with spares incase one fell on the ground where we couldn't wash it off properly

  4. Great idea for the garden.

    Your grandson wont lose his dummies anymore with those. I love the bright fabrics you chose for them.

    Cute pumpkin block.

  5. I've made 2 of those pumpkin blocks. I didn't want the jack-o-lantern, either. I saw some of those little boy 'covers' this past weekend in Arkansas, and thought of the ones you made a while back.


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