Thursday, November 22, 2012

The winner is........

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! We had our company yesterday on Wonderful Wednesday.

I was all excited to show you some pictures of my newest grandson, but Google has decided this is the day to mess me up. Apparently, I've used up the quota of pictures allowed, and will now have to pay. Today, of all days! I'm really bummed.

So on to the winner... see the Christmas fat quarters as the prize in the previous post - I can't show them to you today.  The chosen winner is................

I wish I could have picked you all......

(insert picture of Zombie Hubby Hands here picking a name out of my hat)

Love of Quilts is the winner - Please email me your name and address, LoQ, and I'll send you package out right away!

So enjoy your turkey and the love of family and friends!

I've got homework to do to see how this works, and if I can afford to blog any more.  It has been fun.



  1. I use Picassa. It is free, and I haven't used up all my space yet. I think my photos are actually stored on my own computer, just use the program to access them easily. Have a Great rest of Thanksgiving. We're fixing to go take a walk. Gotta make room for some dessert.

  2. Check your picasa web album at google. At the bottom of the page it will show your useage in size and percent. I did not realize that the size of the photo I upload was a problem. The photos need to be 800 pixels or less. So I went into my albums on that page and began to reduce the size of each photo by editing each photo. Click on the photo, check the size on the right hand side of the page, if it is too large, click action and chose edit in creative kit. When you do that it takes you to a page where you can reduce size of photo by maximum pixels. I am slowly working my way thru my albums and have reduced useage by 30% so far. On any new photos I upload to blog, I make sure to have size reduced before hand.

  3. Congrats. to the winner. A nuisance coming to end of free storage when you want to post. However don't be too concerned though about having to pay now though as it is very cheap $5 for 20 GB which is an awful lot of photos before the subscription increases. I started on 20GB some years ago and only still using 14GB with all my photos.

    Was thinking about your daughter today Terri so offered up a prayer.

  4. Congratulations to the winner.
    I began a new blog when my quota was filled, and just left a redirection post.


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