Monday, January 14, 2013

New Banner...

Dear Friends,

Thank You all for your kind words of comfort. The memorial for my Chrissy will be next weekend, and I will be away a few days before and a few afterwards. It has been a week of agony and heart ache, and I can't say that I feel better (especially because I'm crying right now, and will for the rest of my life) but I have started to push myself to get back into life - like my Chrissy would want me to do. She was not a crier - mostly cause she never wanted to be like me. I cry watching toothpaste ads.  I'm fat, she was always beautifully thin. She always shared her sunny side, I'm trying to learn that. I can cook, and tried to teach her, but her brothers were merciless in their teenage teasing. She didn't learn at home, but from her hubby, who was a cook when they married. She never learned knitting or crochet, or any of the old granny pursuits, that I like to do. She did start to quilt, mostly because I found so much peace with it, and because she liked to do volunteer work and wanted to make things to donate. She made a few beautiful items for her kids and the pets, then her illness shut that down. She was waaaay more social than I am, she had lots of friends in all the places she has lived.  And we all are missing her so much.

I got all kinds of pictures of her together this week. A friend of hers lives quite near us, came to get them and will put together a video for her memorial and we will all get a CD, so I don't have a picture to put here, but I will try to get some on in a week or so.

I have started to sew again.  There are more blocks of the palms (on the banner) done, but I didn't want to futz with a picture of the new ones. I still don't know if I'm picture-abled again. We'll see in a week or so. 

Thank you for your loving comments. I appreciate your time and the soothing words.




  1. I cant even imagine how heart breaking this time must be for you Terri.

    You painted a picture with this post of an amazing young woman who was strong and independent , who carved her path in life bringing joy where ever she went. Those memories will last forever.

  2. What a beautiful testament to your daughter. If you need words to say, print these off and read them. I pray she will always be your inspiration in whatever you do. Tears are a gift of God to soothe our souls in time of need.

  3. Thank you for telling us about your Chrissy. Such a courageous, sweet, kind, loving young woman. Many wonderful memories.
    Please know that your blogging friends will be here when you return.

  4. Terri, You have written a beautiful testament to your daughter I cannot imagine the pain you are enduring at this time. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

  5. It's interesting how mothers and daughters can be so alike and so different, all at the same time. I'll still be praying for all of you. Love the 'lily' on your design wall. Mine is hanging on my computer desk.

  6. Write it all out Terri, put it in a journal so that her children and her yet to be thought about grandchildren can know all about her. Make a wonderful album of her whole life and her character. Put in real photographs and fill it with the love that she was surrounded by.

    I wont say that it will be easier, but you do adjust to a new normal. Odd days will still catch you out when you go to call her, and then remember that she is watching over you, but you will get through it. Huge Hugs Terri.

  7. Take your time Terri and don't push yourself too hard. Houseelf's idea of a journal sounds good to me. Even though it will be saturated with tears at times it will be wonderful for you and the children and grands to have.

    You will never forget but healing will come in time. Don't set yourself a time just allow God to take you through it. Hugs, Hugs, Hugs.


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