Friday, February 15, 2013

As a side venture today I'm starting a book

Okay, I'm not writing something to be published, but making a fabric book for my newest grandson... he is almost 6 months old now! Here are pictures of a Valentine sent to us featuring M. Isn't he cute?

I have a few pieces a1l ready for his little cloth book... I just got the idea the other day.
I think these two were patterns in QuiltMaker
Some of the pages will be fabric from my I Spy stash. I also have some paper pieced lady bugs and snowmen I could make. I'm planning a butterfly, too, and the heart (pic is the pattern) below.

pattern from Sewhooked by Jennifer O.

I hope he'll think it's a good "read" (or at least a good drool).
So come back tomorrow to see some of the "pages" in progress.



  1. He's so cute! Look at that smile. All the little girls will want to sit with him in kindergarten!
    Awesome banner! So many pretty colors going on there.

  2. Brilliant idea. This is something he can keep forever too. (and pass down to his own kids!)

  3. A good drool and a good chew, too. I'm sure he'll love it in many different ways ; )


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