Monday, March 4, 2013

Homemade Rabbit Foot Fern

For my "Baby" Sis - here known as Beany - a look at the Rabbit Foot Ferns in my possession.

First the newest member of the family - Cute, huh?

Another view


 And this is "Mom".  The fuzzy parts are probably rhizomes... I put one into a little pot without cutting the root, and that's how I got Jr. after 2 years or so. Once there were fronds (leaves) I cut it off of the Mom. Below is another view of Mom.

I'm starting two more. I hope they grow faster. Below is the laundry cup that I used to put up next to the Mom and set a rhizome on the soil and then water to keep moist... until it has fronds.

The whole thing is on the top of my guest shower. I've got plants everywhere.
So it isn't tomorrow yet... two people won the giveaway! You will just have to wait for tomorrow to find out who.


  1. I can't think of propagating this plant any other way. I've cut up/divided many Boston ferns. Mother plant divided into several babies. But never tried this kind of fern.

  2. I need you to come grow plants for me. Maybe I should just paper piece a plant. I even have my aloe vera plants by the kitchen sink, and I STILL forget to water them (tho they have lived for about 15 years now, but are still small). Oh well.

  3. Those fronds look very furry - like a large spiders legs!


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