Friday, August 2, 2013

Hexie Friday

Hello  Lovely Readers!

I have been doing a little hand sewing at night. From a distance I love how they look, but the hand stitches don't look good to me closer up. Maybe when I quilt it I can disguise the uglies.

At least a little progress to share at Hexie Friday.
Have a lovely weekend!


  1. Very pretty hexie flowers--I love the colors--they really pop! Julierose

  2. I cant see any stitches even when I enlarge the photos so I think you're all good. Are you whip stitching from the back?

    Love hexies. I finished my last one yesterday ...343 of them - 49 flowers ...and its taken me about 22 months. Now to sew them together into a top!

  3. Your hexies looks great to me. I wouldn't know how to begin to make a hexi or a hexi flower. I've seen a few hexi quilts in quilt shows and think they are beautiful quilts.

  4. I do not have the patience to make something out of hexies, but I like this very much. Beautiful colors!

  5. Very pretty flowers you have made....your stitching looks fine from here...

  6. I love the old-fashioned pink and green colors. We are always most critical of ourselves. Your quilt will be a treasure. Remember the quilting maxim: If you can't see the mistake on a horse galloping by, then it's perfect!

  7. Pretty flowers. And don't think about the stitches, they will disappear in all the beauty of this quilt.

  8. I love that soft pink and green you're using. Just so appealing. Looks great to me. Thanks for linking to Hexie Friday!

  9. Hey, you stole my glasses and chain! I finally broke down and got a glasses chain for when I embroider, so I don't lose my glasses. It might help if I'd remember to put the chain on my glasses. Keep up the good hexie work.


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