Tuesday, October 29, 2013

No Quilting yet...

I haven't done any sewing, but packing and entertaining moving van estimators and leaving the house for Open Houses and Realtors bringing potential buyers through. Ugh! (Recently, just a few miles away a burglary happened during an Open House. The Realtor was distracted by part of the party and the rest of them ransacked the house and stole jewelry, computer equipment, etc.  We take that all with us when we leave. Yes, it's a pain!)

Halloween is only 2 days off, so I have turned my thoughts to the little plants and the seed packets. Here is one now!

 The pit is just sitting on top... waiting to get into the packet. I'd have drawn an avocado for the front, but all markers, paints, pencils, etc. are packed up already. Sure hope we sell soon. It's hard to do without your equipment.

I've been kind of confused about things lately, so I didn't get signed up for the Quilt Bloggers Hop at Amy's Creative Side, but weeks ago I added the link on the sidebar thinking I'd join up this year... Well, you all know the quilt on my banner would be the one I wanted to enter.  Nothing new here.
Hope you have fun hopping.

Hugs to you all,


  1. The nerve of some people. Good grief. I hope your home sells soon.
    Difficult to believe that it is almost Halloween! The kids are going to miss your house next year.

  2. We were warned about packing up our medicines, since people look at houses so they can steal meds. There are some really sick people out there, unfortunately. I'm cleaning house this week (22 or more people over on Saturday) so, I'll think of you as I clean.

  3. Hugs Terri, I hated that stage too. I had an "emergency crafting bag" in the bottom of a wardrobe so I could stay sane sewing something. Good luck! I hope you get a buyer soon.

  4. Good Luck with your house sale. Open house is always a pain. Cant believe that some people attend just the commit theft!

    It's Thursday here already so Happy Halloween!

  5. Too bad for the burglary. Hope your house sale smooth.

  6. How awful to have viewers that stole from you. Moving house is stressful enough without all that too.


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