Sunday, October 6, 2013

Orchid Blooms!

I've had this orchid for maybe 15 years... no blooms until now, just before I move! I had thought to sell them all since it would be hard to move them... especially in the cold weather and smaller home. Why now?  At least I've got some pretty pictures to remember this plant.

Camouflaged by it's surroundings - do you see the flowers? Page down...

Back drop is UFOs in project boxes, the leaf is on the far right at the bottom.  The leaves below the flower are from an Easter Cactus behind it.

At this angle I see a face in the center with a beak type nose and a beautiful beard, and a star shaped crown. He (It) has multiple eyes, and a gaping mouth. Do you see it? (I see faces everywhere... at least they're not dead people.)

We tried to get true colors, but I think we did that above. With the paper behind we got out of focus, and colors that this light scrambled. Anyway, I hope you like them, and they give you some joy to start out your week.


  1. These are so gorgeous--why don't you put paper bags over them and transport them in your car? Is that possible?----it seems a
    shame to get rid of them...

  2. They are beautiful! So 15 years before blooming? You are a very patient gardener indeed! They might very well thrive in a colder climate, we keep them up here in the cold north too, and they keep on blooming.

  3. I'd definitely be taking those with me !

  4. Pretty! Plants like me best when they live somewhere else. I have managed to keep alive an Aloe Vera plant for about 15 years now, despite forgetting to water it (and it lives by the kitchen sink, go figure). I'm trying to keep alive the closet plant I brought home from my father's funeral in 2009. I even repotted it about 2 years ago. It's never perky, no matter what I do. Oh well. At least it's still alive for the moment.

  5. I though from later posts (which I get to first) that you must be moving Terri. As I work my way down I am sure I will see more on this.


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