Friday, October 4, 2013

Report on the Lighted Seam Ripper

Here's the thousand words...

As you can see the seam ripper lights, magnifies and slips into the 15 stitches to the inch stitches really easily. The working end can swivel a bit so it is at an angle you prefer. (That's the first paper pieced block of a QOV I'm thinking of giving to my Son who will be retiring from the Air Force within a year. All the blocks will have either a blue or red center and white around the edges. I might add a strip of white between rows, too.)

You know we've  been packing to move - 2,000 miles away.  We're finding things while we pack...

This is the Hubby in his old letter jacket from High School. (His sister used the jacket after he went to the military, and the letters have never been seen since.) And the old glasses he wore when we were dating....  I know, why did I marry him? Anyway, he makes me laugh, and that's a good thing. We are lucky he couldn't fit into the gym shorts... very lucky.
See in the background the "end of boot camp" pictures of our two sons? I'm very proud of them.
So it's Friday (again and already)! Really doesn't mean much when you are retired. But I hope you all are enjoying a lovely (sew filled) weekend.


  1. Oh you are so funny, Terri--now if only I could fit into my old gym shorts--hah! Let's not go there either!! Have a super weekend, hugs, Julierose

  2. a very fun post, terri! me too... glad my son came out of iraq three times. thank your sons for me! mine is still in army, hope he gets out next year! love the jacket; love the glasses. that's a guy worth a million bucks! appreciate your comment, too. blessings on the move!

  3. Thank you for not finding the gym shorts...but that aside hubby looks very handsome. (and he still fits into his jacket - which is quite an achievement)

    So the seam ripper works well---hmnnnn--may have to look into getting one of those!

  4. I"m intrigued by your paper pieced hexies!

    Great pic of your hubby - looks like he's a good sport!

  5. What a funny post, Terri. You are finding all kinds of things while you are packing up.Three GOOD looking guys. I look forward to watching your QOV develop.

  6. Oh boy! I'm betting you find some really interesting items as you pack. I had to pack the whole house by myself when we moved here. I only had 3 weeks to do it, so, I just dumped stuff in boxes and didn't even have time to weed stuff out. I still keep thinking that I need to try those seam rippers. I hate taking my glasses off to see the seams I need to rip.

  7. Glad to see a review on the lighted magnifying seam ripper - I've always wondered how well they work! And good luck on the move - are you coming anywhere near me?

    Whoop whoop!

  8. Oooo a new to me gismo! Thanks for sharing. The quilt looks like it is going to be perfect for the occasion. I had to laugh at finding the old clothes. We had a lot of that when we moved to here and somehow yet again when we were packing things up to move from here. (Sale fell through when lady said she had a house to sell 1st after all. Good job we hadn't booked the removal lorry.) Thanks for sharing I had a good giggle.


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