Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Snow in CA and a Martian

Yes, Virginia, it does snow in California.... you just need to go where it is.  We traveled about 30 miles to get to it. We went for lunch to In and Out - a burger restaurant in Placerville and encountered snow falling.... We grew up with snow in Wisconsin, and miss it all these years (32) in CA.


Can you see the two taller hills off in the distance?    Nope - you cannot. While we sat and ate our lunch we watched them disappear behind the snow "storm" coming our way.

Too bad I'm not a better photographer... It's a Currier and Ives look, the snow on the limbs of that oak on the left.  The bushes on the left "under" the oak are Pyracantha - green leaves and red berries.
You can see some here.

And here is the hubby showing off some newly acquired flakes - not dandruff. (He's always been a little flaky, and this just proves it.)

So here's the Martian! He's on surveillance, checking me out from the other side of the hedge. (Actually he is probably a water pump from days gone by. CA has to move the water around to have it for agriculture. The location was grazing before it became the parting lot at Kaiser Permanente - Hubs is inside getting his meds filled.)
Really - doesn't he look like a robot watching me?
I've seen so many projects on the blogs that I'd like to make, but all my supplies are packed up. Still no offers on our house. Some have complained that we don't have granite counter tops and new appliances in the kitchen! (The pictures on the Internet are not that old. Why did you come to see the house if the kitchen isn't the one you want?)  I've lived here for 14 years with this stuff... you want granite, you buy granite. I think I'll put a sign on the counter that says I'm thinking of putting in purple counters... What color would you want? How would I know that? Why would I put in something that would be the wrong color?
Anyway, that's it for today. Still working on the R,W & Blue hexie quilt... a few sewn each day. I finished the center ones now, and making the opposite blocks now - white in the centers - for around the outside. Nothing spectacular. I'll show off on Friday.


  1. Oh Terri, it is so difficult when people come in and say.."What no.." whatever. You are right, let them put it in. We are done here; if we move we will be "as is" 70 I am not up for renovation.....hugs and best of luck...Julierose

  2. The snow is beautiful! Looks like Christmas.
    I agree with Julierose. If someone wants different counter tops and appliances, let them buy them. It YOU put them in, they would probably not be the colors they want. Your house will sell. The right person hasn't seen it yet.

  3. Wow, you have more snow than we do! - Good luck with selling the house, I hope there will be a buyer who wants to make their own choices and not complain about what they see.

  4. Cant beleive I finally saw snow in California !

  5. Isn't it strange how snow is celebrated some places and hated other places, I guess it's depending on how much snow one get and for how long it lasts. On the news last night we saw pictures from places that hadn't seen snow since the 1800s and everyone were out sledding. Here we have nothing at all.
    Hope you will find The buyer soon!

  6. I guess we 'shared' snow with you. We drove thru some on Friday, then saw what came down after we drove thru in Missouri. We've gotten more this afternoon, and will continue to get more till tomorrow afternoon. I'm getting really tired of snow. You can have it. That martian is cute. It really does look like it's watching you.


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