Sunday, December 21, 2014

Early Christmas - practice if you will - with the Grands

We had the local Grandkids and their grown-ups over for Christmas presents and a meatball supper. I had a great time... Hope they did, too.  Here's the pictures

 They are eating the fudge that was in their little baking pots

 These are their grown-ups - their Dad, my SIL and his fianc√©.

 This is the next grandgirl to marry - they say after college... I hope so. I'm making the DP Love Ring for their gift.
This one turns 13 in a few days. Already he's about 6' tall.

These are the newly weds... (Can you tell?)

This one is taller, too, and sings!

My little nod to sewing. I'm still working on the Drunkard Path variation, only now instead of hand sewing I'm using the machine. Still pinning like I would for hand sewing, but using the machine. Easier on my hands. The template is set up for hand sewing, so I can't even try to sew without pins... none of the seam allowances are a 1/4", but this way I have a line to sew on, but still have to pin.

This is one of the Christmas cacti that I have. The other isn't even thinking about buds yet. It needs a transplant. Been in that same pot more than 30 years.
Next time I'll show off my little Christmas tree... and my DP blocks, if I can find them all.
Have a wonderful week.


  1. Look at all those smiling faces and beautiful red hair! Thank you for sharing pictures.
    That's a BIG Christmas Cacti!

  2. My grandchild is still on the way, but both sons will be around for a Christmas meal, and we had a little pre-Christmas gift exchange with daughter last week. So nice for you to have local grandkids!

  3. Hello Terri's family!
    It looks like everyone is having a lovely time in your new home. Are you going to keep up the Halloween plant tradition?
    The technique you are using for Drunkards' Path is a lot like dressmaking. Sometimes you can make the curve a bit easier by snipping the tight piece edge before sewing.

  4. What a wonderful roomful of smiles! Nothing like some fudge and family time. Merry Christmas, your new home!

  5. Lovely family pictures--do you scrapbook? I am picking up my camera again and starting to put pix into my pages. I have 8 albums so far going back to when i was a child...
    I like your machine idea for drunkard's path...I have the accuquilt die for it and it's on my list for 2015....
    my DH just asked if maybe next quilt, after sewing my 1200 squares for Sleigh Bells Ring, I might want to try "Pointalism"? Just little dots of fabric--he wants to send me over the edge even more than I am now!! What a funny man--see if Santa leaves him anything but coal in HIS stocking! Hmmmph!! hugsx2 and wishes for a wonderful Holiday Season Julierose

  6. Looks like a wonderful, happy family visit! I love all of the red hair - I have two red-head sons ;).


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