Thursday, January 22, 2015

My Best Day in a Long Time

First and best, we went out to lunch with our married granddaughter! It was so much fun.

Then since it was January 22 - visit your local quilt store day (according to the Susan Branch calendar), my hubby took me to the two he found were nearest our new home.  I bought fabric... he really aught to know better.  (See purchases on the bottom picture.)
When we got home I finished up the week 2 block I missed last week for the POD and linked it up to the Flickr group. They are books without names yet.

Then I made 4 of the 16 bow ties for the Itty Bitty Blocks that will be part of a row quilt from Quilty Pleasures Blog . It went really quickly. Those are 2" squares with 1 1/4" squares to stitch corner to corner and flip on the background pieces. They are 3 1/2" blocks now... hopefully. I didn't measure them, but it's not a swap, so I don't really care if they are perfect. They were lots of fun to make.

So this is the fabric I got. I wanted the number one for a "book" for the POD QAL. It'll be for the Numerology book.
No finish on the baby quilt, yet. I still haven't heard back about the spelling and dates from my DIL. Guess I better call her.
Now we'll wish you a wonderful weekend - still a bit early.


  1. Beautiful fabric finds. Love your blocks.
    I visited a LQS today and bought a pattern and some sewing machine needles. (Like I need another pattern. But they were on sale.)
    Happy you had a wonderful day. Have a wonderful weekend : )

  2. I visited virtual quilt shops all this week. I needed fabric for my RSC and Vintage Kitchen BOM and Sweet Sixteen. I wish I could have done Itty Bitty Blocks with you. I finally decided if I wanted to finish 12 UFOs this year, I couldn't sign up for so many QALs. Oh, oh, there it is again...Terri-envy. (You Terri, not me Terri). When will I be retired??? Answer: If I had it my way: yesterday. Reality check: 2 years, 4 months, 5 days.

  3. Lovely fabrics you got. That number fabric will be great for the Numerology book.


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