Sunday, February 22, 2015

Cluttered Chaos of Cuilting....spelled with poetic license

Okay, Val  set down the challenge and linky. . show your quilting space. OMG!  Have I got a challenge for you.

My CA studio was 12 X 15 -  this one in WA is 9 X 9.5, with a turn at the doorway that wouldn't allow one of my sturdier tables. The movers couldn't get it in.

 From the hallway - paper bag storage, and a plant table that will be removed to the living room later today.
 Inside to the left - see the silver closet door "knob"? There is a closet that is not well used.  Fabric is stored by color in boxes (from the move). Project boxes for the butterflies and other  projects (from Costco - good and cheap). Plants on the top shelf to get maximum light from the one West facing window.
 3 movable foam core design walls...only 2 can be visible at any one time. (The red and purple Love Ring is on the other one.) Top of my armless rolly chair in the foreground is in front of the sewing machine. The portable ironing board is on top of the cutting board that over runs the folding table that also supports the lid of the sewing machine cabinet.

On the machine are the 4 rows of Good Night Irene that I'm making for the  Sweet 16 QAL where I will link this up later today. I like my sewing machine on an inside wall. Fluctuations in temperature can ruin a piano, so I don't want to take chances with my sewing machine either.

The bulletin board not yet hung because it keeps the wall heater from blowing on my sewing machine cabinet. Lots of things hanging there. Patterns and a few sentimental things, like the butterfly batik piece that my daughter made in 5th grade, and the black velvet "pincushion" with a paper heart taped onto it that she made for me. The white plastic bag is for snippets. I use them to fill floor pillows for the grandkids.
Another picture showing the top of the shelves - near the top left is Rachy's "Hersey". She made it and used it at my house once. I can still see her joy, galloping around our much bigger house. It's an oatmeal container and the plastic putter toy we had for them to play with. (It's the expensive toys they like best.) Plants are my orchids. Orange container at the end of the shelves is my Piggy Bank Challenge (see Val's blog).

From the design wall there is the closet... not far away.

And the plants on the top left side of the shelving... featuring my newly transplanted Southern Magnolia Tree that I started from a seed. Three years old and getting bark now!
And in the kitchen East facing window, another plant brag picture. Here is the root that broke off my Rabbit Foots Fern during our move, and I put it into water hoping it would root. . . I can't tell you how many times I was ready to throw it out. Nothing was happening, and I just was quite depressed about it. Well, here it is! It got a root, and a week or two later I planted it into this very elegant cottage cheese container. Now if you're interested - look closely and near the top bend you will see a new frond striking out of the furry root. I am such a proud plant Mamma.
Sew, feel really good about your sewing rooms, studios or areas now that you've seen mine. I know it's a mess, but I've got sewing to do when I'm in there. I don't want to use it up organizing. No suggestions for your space, Val, but I will link up on your blog today. Maybe someone will get a good laugh out of my space.
Have a beautiful week.


  1. Oh Terri--it must be driving you crazee! But, you CAN sew--that is what counts; and all those memories--how neat! My space is pretty cramped too. I love rabbit's foot ferns--I used to have one--but our cat ate it--yup! Ugh!! For some reason she thought it was stalking her--maybe those little furry feet looked too real--who knows what goes through a cat's mind??? It is an enigma for sure...hugs, Julierose

  2. Sewing etc is all that is in my sewing room but it gets disorganzied often enough! But where I find when I can't stand to sit at the machine another minute..and I clean it up and organize things again...then I get that breath of fresh air and ready to start again!

  3. What amazes me is how much any of us get done in the chaos of our workspaces. I have a grudging respect for the neat and lovely work spaces we sometimes see posted but respect is all I manage As I start one more project or head to the shops for a piece of something that is here someplace ( ribbons are what I am looking for and giving up on this weekend) (they will usually show up a couple of days after I finish the project I needed them for) (I hope) .

    Love your header I spy style quilt!!!

  4. I'm with Rebecca. It amazes me how we all get so much done no matter how our workspaces look or the size of them. I have a tiny, tiny corner in my living room. No extra bedroom in our mobile home nor any extra space in the bedrooms we do have which are two. C has her bedroom and we have the tinest one. Our home could almost be called a "tiny home". Hopefully in the near future we will have a larger mobile home with an extra bedroom.

  5. The main thing is you are still sewing! We do collect a lot of "stuff" don't we? My sewing space is smaller than yours and if I'm not careful I waste valuable sewing time trying desperately to find the best organised use of space and getting nowhere fast!!

  6. Have you considered taking the door off the closet? It would make the space look larger, and, give you better access to your stash inside it. We had to take the doors off the master bedroom closets (2 small closets) because they opened INTO the closet, and, blocked 1/3rd of the stuff inside. We store the doors in the basement, in case we ever sell the house.

  7. I know what you mean about using the time to sew rather than organize - I'm way behind on my organization and would still love to finish, but I NEED MINIONS!!!

    Love your Good Night Irene blocks, too! That's going to be a lovely quilt!

  8. Oh gosh, I'd never thought about treating a sewing machine like a piano. We never had the piano on the outside wall growing up for that same reason! Hmmmm... thinking about my sewing space now.

  9. Hey it's okay Terri...sometimes I need to spend less time organizing and more time sewing!! LOL!! But it's all fun as long as it has to do with fabric!! Thanks for sharing....(love your green thumb too!)

  10. The only reason I ever decide to organize is when I can't reach the sewing machine so your space does not surprise me at all! Keep creating I say.

  11. I think you have a wonderful creative space Terri. Mine had tumble weed this year where I had so little play time. LOL Well done for persevering with the plants. Daughter has finished making her raised bed today and bought herself some veg and herbs for it. Will take a pic when it is light again.

  12. Love your HP blocks! You are brace. No way will I show pictures of my sewing area! It's a mess.


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