Saturday, February 28, 2015

Last of the pink butterflies

The latest...

So, as long as I have been paper piecing, I've been making "mistooks". (Hahaha... spell check does not like that one.) Anyway, the two on the right are made with 2 colors of off white. It's a scrappy challenge, and I didn't realize I didn't have enough of the one color. Also, The pink rose print ran out... Well, first off I made 2 of the same side - like the heart I made earlier this month.  Mistooks all over the place. So I made two mutant butterflies. I hope they multiply - in lots of different colors. (You do know that pink is a mutation for butterflies anyway.) LOL

Have a wonderful weekend. We are having a sunny (so far cloudless)  day, so my weekend is starting out great... except for the fact that our washing machine is broken down. It's only 3 months old.



  1. Oh I like the scrappy backgrounds--my Butterflies that I am machine appliqueing (or was until my hand got re-injured!!) are all on different backgrounds on purpose. I love that look.
    I began pulling out my yellows today for March and my paltry selection will just about make 3 Crosses blocks with quite a few repeats. . I am sticking with just that one to cut down on rotary cutting. I do have a 2.5" square die so that allows me to keep on going. My hand is getting better bit by bit, but even typing is a challenge!! hugs and stay warm let's all do a "Spring" dance and maybe it'll come sooner,,,haha! Julierose

  2. Mistooks is funny! Sew, you have original butterflies!

  3. Sorry to hear about the washing machine, but at least it broke while still under warranty. Mutant butterflies are my favorite kind.

  4. Your butterflies are great. Sorry to hear about your washing machine. Hope you can get it fixed without too much of a cost.

  5. Oh bad washing machine - but those little butterflies will carry your cares away lol!! They are really cute!!

  6. They just don't make things like they used to. Great attitude with the mutant butterflies.

  7. Broken washing machine! Rats!
    Love the cool mutant butterflies : )

  8. Great blocks, I like how you dealt with the fabric issues and your butterflies, they are cute.

  9. I like your mutant butterflies! I think that running out of fabric can often produce the kind of small variations in a quilt that give it interesting and depth. Keep up the mistooks!

    1. interest* Apparently I should have more coffee before attempting to post lol.

  10. Love your butterfly blocks!

  11. Your butterflies have character! Thanks for sharing with Oh Scrap! Your finished quilt is going to be lovely.


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