Saturday, March 21, 2015

Saturday is Rainbow Scrap Challenge and National Quilt Day

Happy Quilt Day... I went to a party at the Craft Warehouse, my local LQS. I didn't get in on any of the prizes, but I had fun standing on a number, (the clerk then calls a number and if you are standing on that number you win!) and visiting with other crazy quilters. It was fun.

Here's what I bought.

 I arranged these so you could see the white on white pattern on it, but the camera didn't pick that up. Love that blue batik - I took all that was left on the bolt... 4 yards.

I got a yard of this purple swirl, too, aaaaaand

I needed some brown for the Harry Potter bookcase. It looked like wood to me.

I got a yard of the beige print to beef up the lights in the stash, and a quarter yard of the yellow...MMMMMMMMM

I didn't do much on my yellow scraps this week. Only two new butterflies to add...

I will link up to the Rainbow Scrap Challenge though. See the button on the side... you might have to go to her Home button to get to the linky party.
I have been paper piecing on the surprise at the bottom of this post.
Hope you all had as nice a Quilt Day as I did.
Have a wonderful weekend.
Still in the rough, but I couldn't wait to use it for my sign off.
Letter patterns are from Fandom In Stitches/Harry Potter.
I linked up with Beth at What are you making this week?
and Oh Scrap - see the button on the right, and so scrappy for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge, see the button on the right.


  1. You got some very pretty material. Your butterflies are cute!

  2. A girl can never have too many batiks or neutrals. Great shopping. Love the letters for your sign off.

  3. Happy Quilting Day!! It looks like you had a good one. :o))

  4. Love the letters in your sign off!!

  5. the wee little butterfly. Pretty soon there will be a whole community of them! LeeAnna at not afraid of color

  6. Fun fabrics, but, GREAT letters! I think you just gave me an idea!

  7. Pieced letter blocks are some of my favorites. Thanks for sharing with Oh Scrap!

  8. Oh wow! You shouldn't have! That's so sweet! I really, really, really love it! To think you made this for me to put at the end of my blog! You are such a sweetie! I can't wait to have the finished product come in the mail. You are so kind. I am going to absolutely love seeing this on my blog!

    Not for me? Oops. Hmm. Now that's embarrassing. I thought you were...but, I see. I'll just take back that sweetie comment. Unless of course you'd like to give me the blue batik instead? No. We could split it half and half since you got so much? No. Fine. I guess I'll just grab a tissue and head home...
    You're still my friend, though.
    Hugs, Terri

  9. love those butterflies! Thanks for linking up to "monday making" ;)

  10. Fun times at your blog. Love the script those letters are in! I must check that one out! Thanks for sharing.


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