Friday, May 29, 2015

Fun Fabric Trip to Fabric Depot - Portland OR

We have lived here in Vancouver WA for over 6 months now, and finally we went to my favorite place in the vicinity... Fabric Depot.  You can see how huge the place is... lots of it is quilting fabric.


 I got a couple of fat quarters and some Grandma Jewelry.... It's a bright light on a ring of hook & loop.  I'm having trouble hand sewing at night watching TV. This will be just the thing.

These are much more colorful than the photograph.

3 of these are purples and a yellow affecting the color of that one next to it.
So my weekend was wonderful so far, and I hope you have one as great.


  1. Arggg.....what fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. How lovely seeing a picture of you piling up your cart and adding to your stash!

  3. Oooh more fabric to play with. Fabric Depot is like Fabricland here in Canada I'm thinking. At least it looks like it is.

  4. That blue swirl fat quarter is my favorite of the fabrics. I like the top you are wearing.

  5. Great to see a picture of you Terri. Surprised to read that you are moving again . I hate that I have not been blogging so much recently but life has been pretty busy. However I am catching up gradually I hope.


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