Monday, July 6, 2015

Piggy Worth

Today is the day of truth... my Piggy Bank is empty right now. Took all the 'millions' out so we can move... in 9 days. OMG!  Now Val of Val's Quilting Studio wants us to 'fess up', reveal our Piggy's Worth. Sad little bank that I made for this event a year ago.

A year ago? Wow, that time went fast. Last year I was still trying to sell my house in CA. Here's my "piggy" bank, a fabric covered peanut can (from Costco). is filled again with fabric to take now to another new home. Hopefully, living there will allow me to fill it to the brim.

Well, I've put off the reveal long enough... my Piggy's Worth is:

I know, it's not much, but you have to remember that it was packed a good part of that year.
I really don't know what I'll use it for. It won't pay off my mortgage or anything like that. I am going to the Sister's OR outdoor quilt show this coming Saturday. It's only about 120 miles from here. I'll let you know what I buy there.
Thanks Val, for a worth while challenge. I promise I'll do better next year.
Sew - I hope this finds you all rolling in cash on this 6th of July.


  1. did GREAT!!!! Seriously, having a little spending cash for the SIster's Quilt show will be perfect!! Thanks for joing the challenge. I'm glad you'll be rejoining and I'd like to personally invite your followers to stop by and sign-up for next years Piggy Bank savings challenge on sunday the 12th! Smiles! V:)

  2. You did fine, especially with such a crazy year! The Sisters show sounds like a great experience. Enjoy!

  3. That's 55.40 more than you would have had if you hadn't done the challenge. Spend up big on fabric!

    PS. Just checked and if you drop on over to my place the exchange rate means you'll get $73.87 for your 55.40...tempting huh?

  4. Have fun at the show Terri. That's $55.40 you'll have to spend and not feel guilty about it.

  5. I have a 'piggy bank' in my sewing room. I'm sure that one of these days I'll find the Wilcox & Gibbs chain stitch machine that I want, and, maybe (doubtful) I'll have some $$$ put away so that I can afford it (not cheap machines). Who knows, you might find a great ruler, or tool or something you 'need' after you get settled. Put the 'extra' back in the bank, and, keep adding.


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