Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Bits and Pieces

Some random pictures today...

 One of my CA roses blooming indoors because other wise there is snow, ice and below 0 temps. as seen below.  Did you ever notice that roses bloom different colors in adverse conditions. I had a white one that would bloom pink when the weather got cold. This one is usually bright red one side of the petal and white on the other. White is still there, but there's pink on the other side of the petal... They also seem to have developed a peco on the petals that wasn't there before. Oh well, it sure cheers up the place.
 All our windows in this house (the 'new' one in Superior Wisconsin) have blinds inside the 2 panes of glass. Can't see out very well. I love to see it snow, but it's a bit difficult with these 'new and improved' windows. On this picture it's snowing, can you tell? This is the view out the back of the house.
I got some wonderful Christmas gifts! This one included fabric. I thought you might like to see it. The white has gold in patches - looks like gold leaf - very pretty.

Thanks to all who stop to see and leave me a comment. I've missed this lovely community.



  1. Welcome home Terri! I too have come home to Blogland this year. Roses are so beautiful. I have a kerria in bloom in the frost!! Weird! I have seen this sort of window in Finland. It should be possible to raise the blind completely within the window, to get a better view. Good luck with the new fangledness!!

  2. So glad to hear from you that fabric with "gold " in it--I am a "sparkley gal for sure....hugs, Julierose

  3. Nice fabrics. I've seen windows with the blinds in them. I'd prefer my blinds separate, but, when you buy a house, you get what's there. Stay warm!

  4. You have such green thumbs, getting your rose to bloom in the winter. We have such blinds here in Finland, and they work just like the separate blinds but don't get dusty so easily. - Pretty new fabrics!

  5. Beautiful fabrics, Terri.
    A blooming rose, indoors, in the middle of Winter! You truly have a green thumb!


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