Thursday, May 12, 2016

Spring? in Superior W

Pictures taken yesterday = Wednesday. (Saturday we are forecasted to have SNOW again.)

 Rhubarb - got any good recipes?  I need the kind with little sugar or a sugar substitute.  I'm too sweet already.

 Daffodils just started .... anybody know what the pink composite flower is? I've got a lot of it.

 Sorry this is so blurry. Anybody recognize it? 
I'm so happy to see the tulips coming up. I've got yellow and white in other gardens. (Notice it was so overcast the dandelions didn't open for the day.) AND there will be irises! I have missed having those since the 90s.
Today I'm finishing my H2H quilt. 3/4 of the binding left to do, then I'll show it off again.
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  1. Still chilly here for May, too!! Wind off the water is pretty strong today. May daffs are gone by--and/or frozen!!--and my iris is budding now...I did 3 more of Cass' quiltblocks this morning--only 14 left!! And I am so tempted to join a Gwen Marston quilt-a-long for a medallions quilt--even though I said only one thing at a time this year....hugs, Julierose

  2. It was 88 here today.....send us some of your cooler temps! No idea on the plants, but the tulips are great :)

  3. I'm headed to New Mexico for the weekend (wedding). I'll enjoy the hot weather for you, while you endure the snow. Sorry.

  4. Your blurry flower is a peony. Spoke with my daughter in northern WI tonight. Sounds like the weather is finally warming up for you!

  5. The pink flower is bergenia, I have lots of it. It likes to have the dead leaves removed, and the flower stems too after they have gone. It must be fun to find out what is growing in your garden.


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