Thursday, July 6, 2017


Just finished another yellow butterfly. This one (with the orange) is made the way the pattern is built... lots of pieces.

 New one shown next to the cheater. Same pattern, but the all yellow is made by ignoring all kinds of little pieces. I like it better than the orangy one.

 The close up shows I made the body wrong.... oh well.  Individuals may vary!
Starting a blue one. Notice I got the crayons out and marked the blue parts. This will be a cheater, too. I like them better.  Wings on the right, body on the left. Hope I can finish it before Saturday.



  1. WHOA what a lot of little pieces in those--yikers--they do come out so well--you are a patient sewist for sure, Terri --love em Hugs, Julierose (can't wait for mine to fly in);)))

  2. I like the one with the orange. I still have my Tinkerbell blocks, that I made wrong. It looks like she has white eye shadow (ah la 1960's)

  3. I love the orange! Of course, you can be influenced by how many pieces there are. I would never do anything with so many pieces because I am a sane person. You, my dear, are crazy!

  4. These butterfly blocks are cute!

  5. I like the orange one. Who knew there was a problem! I'm not a paper piecer because I get all the pieces turned the wrong way when I try, or the pieces are cut too short...etc.

  6. I'd be cheating right along with you! They will be beautiful all together, though.

  7. Smart thinking with bringing out your BLUE crayon for the (cheater) butterfly body!! I'm all for saving yourself some trouble. Happy piecing!

  8. Go for the cheating and you won't go crazy. The blue should be lovely, the more blue the better.

  9. Both are lovely. I think I like your simpler one better, too. And isn't it lucky that it's the easier one! How often does that happen?


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