Saturday, August 5, 2017

Finished a blue, and started a tan

Since I got my sewing machine back from the fixit place, I've been working on the butterflies...

Still in pieces, but only 4 seams left.

 I'm so happy with my sewing machine. It is working so nicely, except the light.  They said they fixed it, but it's not working. There is a warantee on the work, so back it goes. Should be able to fix it while I wait, shouldn't they?

So come along to the Rainbow Scrap Challenge to see the other neutrals being shown.

Happy Weekend,


  1. Your Moth block is coming together nicely. It will look good flitting among the butterflies!

  2. I knew it would be butterflies! Yes, make them fix the light. Of course, most my machines don't have lights (no motor, no light). I have flexable lights from IKEA, that I use instead. Gotta see that needle.

  3. I love the way the neutral butterfly/moth is coming together. Stunning.

  4. The blue one is a beauty, and the shiny tan fabrics are perfect for a butterfly/moth.

  5. They look terrific and it's always good to have the sewing machine back in action.

  6. Such beautiful butterflies! Hopefully the bulb just needs replacing on your machine.


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