Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Finished my Five Blue Flying Geese

I haven't made any of these in neutrals yet, but I still have time.

Now for some pictures of my plants. Currently some orchids blooming.  (Or kids)

 This African Violet blooms almost all the time. Watered from the bottom, and in a bright window - as bright as it gets here. (Rarely sunny - the eclipse was just a little darker on a dark, overcast day.)

Some of the little plants started for Halloween... not going to do that plant give away anymore. Here it is too hard to start the plants, and no sunny window spaces in this house. Here is a Christmas cactus on the left middle, a Hoya started from a leaf in a glass of water, and a Mother-in-law's Tongue with two little sprouts. That one I thought was not going to make it, the cutting fell mostly out of the dirt, but it was hanging on by one root, so I left it.
Happy Hump Day,


  1. Just lovely plantings you have going there. I just re-potted my Christmas Cactus yesterday...and started some new shoots. I put a whole lot into one big pot and they bloom at different times in all colors--
    Your Flying Geese are lovely in that blue. I love that header of yours, did you follow a pattern for it?
    hugs, Julierose

  2. Gorgeous geese! I wonder if we will get them flying over this cottage like we had in the old house? Such cute baby plants. I've got woad seedlings to plant out, but inside is full of aubergine plants needing potting on and tomatoes.

  3. The geese look good...but the orchids are wonderful. Such a green thumb you have.

  4. You will soon have a whole rainbow of flying geese! Your little plants are doing well. My mother-in-law's tongue plants make babies in their pot so I must cut them apart and plant in new pots, but otherwise I'm not good with house plants.

  5. Great flying geese! Pretty plants. So far, I can only grow dust, dog fur, and aloe vera plants (I forget to water those, and they sit by the kitchen sink). Oh yea, I'm great with weeds, too, since they don't need any attention.

  6. Beautiful blues. Your orchids are lovely too. So fun when they bloom.

  7. You've got your NEUTRALS covered in the background of your Flying Geese!! :o))

  8. Very pretty blue flying geese. You've got quite the flock going there.

  9. Your flying geese look ready to take off. Maybe they can fly you here for a visit!

    I love succulents! Right now they are growing in separate plots but I want to make a succulent garden my back yard. It will probably be next year.

    Hope things are well for you personally even if the stupid overcast and gloomy days.

  10. Beautiful flying geese, love the blues!

  11. Your flying geese look great. You're building quite rainbow there! Your plants are lovely. I can't grow a thing so I'm a little jealous!

  12. I just had to get rid of an enormous Spider plant that had well over 50 new plants hanging from it. Far too much trouble to re-pot them. Will buy a new one when I get around to it. I used to grow from cuttings when we had a greenhouse and more energy!!


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